Nikos Andreakis

Energy Auditor Specialist

As a Senior Civil Engineer and Energy Auditor Specialist, Nikos works as a member of our engineering team to create transformative and sustainable assets for clients. He helps execute and produce proficient energy audits, landform surveys and a wide range of Geoenvironmental engineering operations to assist in photogrammetric registration and sustainable design.

Having completed a University Diploma in Civil Engineering in 2009 from the Technical University of Crete, Nikos enjoys blending engineering and energy efficiency disciplines to design proposals that accomplish clients’ goals. From energy auditing to topographic surveying his work reflects his affinity for the tonal shapeshifting that comes with building sustainability.

Over the past 15 years Nikos has gained vast knowledge and experience and continues to progress towards eco-friendly, sustainable and liveable spaces. Along with his underlying mission to contribute to a more sustainable future of the residential constructions, Nikos is driven by a desire to identify innovative design elements that evoke and cultivate building sustainability.

Nikos has played a pivotal part in Energy Audits of ARENCOS and as a certified energy auditor/inspector (N.9649) provides dedicated energy studies and assessments on the cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements for buildings and building elements. Among others, he assists us to:

  • define the technical characteristics of buildings with almost zero-energy consumption, taking into account national, regional or local conditions
  • set intermediate targets for improving the energy efficiency of new buildings;
  • provide information and measures concerning the use of energy in new buildings and existing buildings which undergo a major renovation.
  • transform existing buildings through deep renovation to NZEB.

Feel free to contact Nikos via email at

Nikos Andreakis - Energy Auditor Specialist at ARENCOS, Chania Engineers
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