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Building a House in Crete Guide by ARENCOS, Chania Architects and Engineers
Building a house in Crete: Initial Steps is the first part of dedicated guide to help you understand the process, identify the risks and facilitate your decision making.

The Process of Building a House in Crete

You don’t need to know exactly what you want before meeting with builders or your constructor. The first thing a builder or a constructor will ask you is, “What are you thinking? What style do you like? One level or two? Walk-out basement? Swimming pool? Attached garage?”

However, the process of building a new house in Crete, Greece long before the foundation is poured. The construction process performance, time and effectiveness should be much more efficient and exciting if you first develop a consistent and reliable project management plan and find an honest, experienced and trustworthy builder or construction company.

You’re thinking to build a new house in Crete, Greece. Which do you do first, select a real estate agent or select am architect?

Both approaches have merit. If you really know everything about the area, a consultation from a real estate agent may not make sense for you. Having an idea of the architectural style you prefer will determine the size, location and characteristics of your building site.


Building a house in Crete: Initial Steps – Decision Making
Before you even select your construction firm see what we do , you should have an accurate and holistic idea of whether you can afford to build a house in Crete and how much you really want to be involved in the building process. Moreover, it is very important to select a professional in the real estate market of Crete to help you in your property search and facilitate your decision making in a transparent and ethical way.


Building a house in Crete: Initial Steps – Location
Once your decision about the real estate partner – who will suggest the most ideal and hassle-free property to you – has been undertaken, you need to visit the area of your interest and realize how the site and neighbourhood looks like. It is also strongly recommended to explore the entire area to discover more alternatives-if any that may also satisfy your needs and budget. Rimmed by more than 1,000 kilometres of coastline, and with spectacular beaches backed by impressive mountains and gorges, Crete is unlike any other place on Earth. Living in Chania Guide from ARENCORES is a very useful information to discover the area.
Building a new property in Crete - Smell the air

Once you have discovered a promising building site for your new house in Crete, spend some time on the site. See the boundaries of the plot, smell the flowers, feel the atmosphere, hear the sounds and walk the full length of the building site at different times of the day.


Building a house in Crete: Initial Steps – FAQs

Once you have discovered a promising building site for your new house in Crete, spend some time on the site. See the boundaries of the plot and walk the full length of the building site at different times of the day. If you prefer a more holistic assessment, think about ways the building site will influence the shape, views and style of your new home. Ask yourself:

What are the general characteristics of the land? Is it green and flat? Rocky with steep terrain?

Are there any other geological characteristics or morphology parameters that might affect the design or placement of your home?

Will the prevailing colours of the surroundings change with the seasons?

Does the landscape suggest particular materials, style and colours you might include in the design of your new home in Crete?

Are other buildings in close proximity within the plot?

Can other residential properties or other structures be clearly seen from the building lot?

What is the prevailing architectural style in the area?

Will the size of your proposed property be proportionate to the size of the lot?

What is the building coefficient factor? Can you construct a 200.00 sq.m building or 400.00 sq.m with additional outdoor spaces?

How the overall accessibility is in the area? Is the main road or the National road that connects the area nearby? Is there a street or road nearby?

Should the house face toward or away from the road?

Where are the loveliest views? Where does the sun rise and set? Can you see the sea or the mountains?

Which views would you like to see from the living areas of your new house? From the living room? From the bedrooms?

Where should windows and doors be placed? Will preparing the land for building and planting trees or flowers?

If you are in a small village of Apokoronas, Chania, how important is it to face the sea or the White Mountains?

If you building lot is located in one of the charming villages of Kissamos will a northern exposure help you save on heating costs?

How much landscaping will be required?

Will the construction of a swimming pool or an underground parking add to your final costs?

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