Our Process: Chania Engineering and Architectural Services

Redefining Design & Project Delivery

Designing in construction is a synergistic and multi-integrated process that involves not only ‘transforming and creating’ an idea to the reality but also ‘organising and prioritizing’ the parameters required to ensure project consistency and coherence.

For project owners, contractors and real estate investors the commissioning and handover process of a commercial or residential building in Crete, Greece can be demanding, expensive, stressful and long.

ARENCOS adopts a practical-focused approach to assist their clients avoid the bureaucratic excess and help facilitate the smooth running of the commissioning process by offering an all-inclusive and holistic package of services during the entire project life-cycle, which includes:

  1. Project Parameter Analysis
  2. Architectural Design
  3. Static Study
  4. E / M Design
  5. Licensing & Certification Requirements Prioritization
  6. Construction
  7. Interior Construction & Design
  8. Interior Design
  9. Project Management & Delivery Excellence Folder Delivery (PMDE)
Architect and Engineers in Crete: Our Process to Proceed to your Project Construction or Renovation

Making a Difference

Knowledge, Innovation, Dedication, Success

01. Powered by knowledge

Our process founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s context, design dynamics, and industrial practicalities. For this reason, we invest in a value creation, knowledge sharing and capability building.

We study new materials, design trends, regulations and emerging best practices, in every architectural and engineering project, locally and globally.

Our investment in knowledge, creativity and critical thinking also helps advance the practice of project construction, management and maintenance. We publish our findings and research articles extensively and we also engage with creative thinkers and professionals the most demanding and emerging issues facing our clients and sector.

02. Always innovating

During a project life-cycle, our clients’ needs and visions are constantly changing, so we continually seek innovative and better ways to serve them. To do this, we are bringing new technologies and practises into the firm and developing new competences, for instance, in design, testing, management, analytics, Internet of Things and digitalization.

We cooperate with our clients with openness, transparency and ethos to put recommendations into practice and work directly with them over the long-term, to help develop a change that matters.

03. Solutions Oriented

Human-centered consulting helps us deliver reliable insight and impact faster than ever. Our architectural and engineering solutions leverage advanced design technology, material data, and deep expertise to help clients in new and exciting ways:

Design Diagnostics
Identify design improvement opportunities by benchmarking suggested strayegies and peers.
Market Intelligence
Provides insight into industrial trends and design innovations
Digital Management
Transforms the way critical processes of the construction life-cycle are measured and managed
Big Data Analytics
improve project outcomes by leveraging big data for effective decision making and risk mitigation

03. Defined by our Dedication to Success

A successful architectural or engineering project proposal is the direct result of hard work, dedication to the vision of our clients and the determination that whether it’s a residential or commercial project, large or small, we have applied the best of ourselves to the services at hand.

Our clients know that the secret to a good consultation or to an exceptional outcome, comes only through dedication, knowledge, perseverance, environmental respect and diligence. There is no such thing as a short cut that ignores hard work, creativity and critical thinking.

At ARENCOS we have an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.

The handover of your project is folowed by our PMDE folder:

Project Management & Delivery Excelence

What is PMDE? It’s not just an acronym for Project Management & Delivery Excellence in constructions.

It is a detailed Peer-Review Report which adapts a materialist post-structuralist view about construction’s identity for the project owner. Moreover, it encloses all the building construction parameters, roles and responsibilities of the persons involved in the project as well as the information related to its quality, operation, sustainability, energy efficiency and functional characteristics.

The aim of our PMDE approach is to achieve excellence throughout the project life-cycle and establish a compliance with the principles of quality, time and cost in constructions.