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For nearly one decade we have had a successful cooperation with a wide variety of renowned clients across the globe . Our work is driven by one-of-kind collaboration that encourages people to think outside of the box and create designs with lasting impact.Here is a glimpse of some of the projects we realized for our amazing customers to mutual satisfaction.
Mind you, we don’t plan to cease anytime soon.
Chania Engineering and Architecture Consultancy Services

Our Philospophy

creative thinking

We actively embrace novel and traditional technologies and practises to enhance building & civil engineering practice and inform our design trajectories. We do not see a distinct separation between design, building, architecture, materials, society and culture.

Our work crosses a wide spectrum of uses, requirements and needs including architecture, public art installation, performance, interior design, exhibition design, furniture and industrial design, material testing and fabrication all fall within our interest, vision and skill sets.

design. art. materials. ideas. inspire.

Our chief pursuit is a timeless expression of an architectural and engineering approach that is appropriate to its users and their purpose, that blends tradition, sustainability and progressive technology with elemental form.

Devoted to Success

We promote the construction of buildings that exuded harmony with their respective environments, enhancing their surroundings rather than extruding from them.


Good design and planning evoke the core of a successful project context. We work collaboratively with clients across a range of sectors to develop functional, sustainable yet visually compelling designs that empower the users and stakeholders alike.

Civil Engineering & Construction

At ARENCOS, we are committed to solving problems and confronting challenges that produce results which are not only captivating, but also give value to your ROI. Successful design and civil engineering effectiveness is the result of a close collaboration between our architects and engineers. It’s a tenet we have advocated throughout our firm’s history.

Master Planning

Our Master Planning team works in a range of scales, from city centers and new growth areas to ports and communities, with sustainability as its main focus. Our approach is centered on diversity, sustainability scale and public space, as well as how we conceive a local community and form the interaction between its members.

Project Management

Think. Communicate. Collaborate. Search. Coordinate. Anticipate. The foundation of our project management practice lies in harnessing these key aspects to align project objectives, expectations and deliverables establishing a seamless execution of each project from inception to completion.

Interior Design

ARENCOS specializes in designing interior environments that shape people’s everyday lives and facilitate their needs. With collaboration at the heart of our process, ARENCOS works closely with our clients to design world-class workplaces, touristic facilities, residences, retail spaces and facilities.

Architectural & Engineering Services

Architectural design for residential and industrial buildings |  Hotel architectural design | Renovation & Building refurbishing | Interior design | Master planning & urban design | Landscaping | Topographies | Structural design

Property Consultancy Service

Building permit issuance | Property legalization permissions | Building Energy | Performance Certificates (ΠΕΑ) | Technical Due diligence

Project Management Services

Construction supervision |  Building Construction Management | Tourist Facility (EOT), | Industry and Facility Permissions | Topographies | Restorations/Renovations

Property Management Services

Real Estate Consultancy | Property valuation | Property litigation support | Real Estate Market Research | Property Appraisal | Investment Analysis

Hotel Certification Inspections

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