Beginning a new house in Crete is difficult enough without knowing which architects, engineers, contractors, specialists, and contractors to choose. Even if you are familiar with the construction process in your home country, it can be difficult to know where to start, the risks that may you face, and the timeline you can expect.

At ARENCOS our main goal is to be a single-source construction solution for a variety of construction projects and clients.

Building a House in Crete? Understanding the Design-Build Process.
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We Will Always Strive to Deliver Solutions with a Sense of Comfort Living, Wellness and Satisfaction

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s vision, and integrating it appropriately within its context. Throughout the entire project life-cycle of a construction project, we listen openly to all parties involved and integrate new ideas with thoughtful solutions to create a feeling of being physically relaxed and satisfied.
A Dedicated Team for your next project in Crete, Greece
A Dedicated Team for your next project in Crete, Greece - Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

Let there be change!

At ARENCOS we strive to discharge our clients from the burden of bureaucracy and the difficult task of dealing with construction uncertainties, offering an integrated package of services, which includes:

  • Project Parameter Analysis
  • Architectural Design, Static Analysis, E/M Studies
  • Licensing Requirements & Approvals
  • Construction Supervision & Management
  • Sustainable Design
  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Building Services Engineering (MEP)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainability Design
  • Project Delivery Excellence (PDE)

Key Points

  • A good residential property design considers all aspects of the site and construction – orientation, site features, energy performance, floor plan, materials, surfaces, integrated technologies, appliances, and landscape.

  • Using a skilled designer is typically well worth the investment. Attention to sustainable design ensures better quality outcomes, and guarantees good energy performance and operational excellence.

  • You can use either an architect or a building designer to design your home in Crete. You can choose architectural professionals with their own practice, or a constructor who may have a designer on staff.

  • Your chosen designer should synergistically work with you to develop and implement a design that suits your lifestyle, needs and your budget. Make sure the sustainability and energy-saving features that you need are kept in mind throughout the design development.

  • Construction works may need planning permission before they begin. The designer should also be able to assist you with the planning permission required to proceed with a proposed development.

Step 1.a: Preliminary Research

Step 1.b Legal Checks

Chania Consultancy Services by ARENCOS
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ARENCOS - Construction Projects in Crete

Article 662 of the Greek Civil Code, in summary, sets out a general principle which obliges employers to regulate issues relevant to work so as to protect the life and health of employees.

Law 3850/2010, largely based on a series of EU Directives, sets out a range of employers’ and employees’ obligations for the protection of health and safety.


From 2014 onwards and according to Law 4223/2013, the Uniform Tax on the Ownership of Real Estate Property (ENFIA) is imposed on all real estate properties that are in Greece.

Under Article 1 of the aforementioned Law (as amended by Law 4509/2017) it is specified that any natural or legal person or legal entity that owns real estate property (either leased or not), is subject to the said tax and on to the following rights in rem:

• Full ownership
• Bare ownership
• Usufruct possession
• Dwelling
• Surface of the real estate property

The above property tax – E.N.F.I.A. is also imposed on the following rights in rem or rights under contract law:

• Exclusive use
• Parking place
• Supplementary (Auxiliary) places
• Swimming pool

It is noted that the full owner is obliged to pay the total EN.F.I.A., which is charged on the real estate property, in proportion to the percentage of his co-ownership and irrespectively of any amendments that may occur during that year and regardless of the transfer of the title.

Total Architecture and
Engineering Excellence

Our chief pursuit is a timeless expression of an architectural and engineering approach that is appropriate to its users and their purpose, that blends tradition, sustainability and progressive technology with elemental form.
Crafting Your Unique Vision
by integrating technical excellence,innovation, elegance, vision and ingenuity.


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