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Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your residential or commercial property or proceeding to a necessary structural repair, skeleton reinforcement or total reconstruction of the building ARENCOS can assist you.

Through a detailed improvement identification, we detect potential areas of improvements to optimize the proposed remodel functionality of any project. Our goal is to form a new identity for the building, by drawing up and executing a comprehensive renovation or reconstruction strategic plan. The final result will define the new quality, value, functionality, sustainability, durability and aesthetics of the building.

We offer a wide range of renovation and remodeling services and carefully design every element of our proposal to make your property stand out. We always start by listening to you and your requirements and then design the remodel or renovation project according to your particular desires and needs.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations whether it be meeting a budget, completing in time or quality of workmanship.

At ARENCOS we do not follow the latest trends.
We work tirelessly to redefine them.

Renovation and Remodeling services in Crete - Upgrades to Increase Your Quality of Life1.0 Renovation or Remodeling

To help our clients make informed decisions and protect their investment from potential, structural, aesthetic and budget risks we apply a holistically evaluation to identify the most critical physical changes to the structure itself (remodeling) or restoring finishes and building components to their previous or original condition (renovation).

Remodeling and renovation in Crete: Evaluation and Due Diligence2.0 Evaluation and Due Diligence

Taking time to plan, prepare and complete a detailed and thorough due diligence, helps identify the elements needed to define the remodeling or renovation scope of the project.

At ARENCOS we provide a Property Condition and a General Constructability Manual to prioritize project’s requirements, the particular characteristics and the needs of improvement.

Depending upon the proposed remodeling or renovation project and age of the building, materials testing and special analysis may also be needed to structure the ideal update for the structure or space.

Interior architecture & design in Crete-Perception and Materials Relevance Analysis3.0 Perception and Materials Relevance Analysis

It is not just the structural importance, constructional behaviour and the visual impact but also the historical value along with the practicality of certain materials that form the essence of the built environment.

Our teams implement an integrated approach to assess the perception of any building material and its role in the construction, its principles, reliability and the techniques of dealing with it for enhancing its properties.

Interior architecture & design in Crete - Design Optimization4.0 Design Optimization

Architectural design optimization (ADO) is an important aspect of our services. We are using a novel and applicable optimization method to study, support, and solve architectural design problems, such as optimal floorplan layout design, extensibility, evolvability, maintainability of materials used, and the like.

At ARENCOS design optimization is used to create objects, performances, and experiences and establish a perfect combination between aesthetic and functionality.

Architectural design Process in Crete, Greece by ARENCOS.

Interior architecture & design in Crete - Design Aestheti5.0 Design Aesthetic

Usually, when the architect designs both the structure and the interior spaces of a construction, the interior loses its independence and autonomy and becomes highly individualistic. At ARENCOS interior architectural design determines the identity of the building and provides modern aesthetics and a qualitative difference.

The result is a unique dimension that turns the architectural space into a liveable place with a given stability, desirable order, readable cultural hierarchy and a vaguely felt mood.

Remodeling and renovation services in Crete - Structural & Integrity Testing6.0 Structural & Integrity Testing

Visual structural analysis and inspection provide information about the condition of the existing construction including its safety, usability and performance.

At ARENCOS, our team can provide expertise and make recommendations to determine the need for upgrade or replacement within existing conditions. Our structural inspection and analysis consulting services search, identify and analyse critical structural concerns. Moreover, we provide structural risks assessments, existing condition documentation, and restoration/remediation design proposals.

Our structural inspection and engineering services comply with many standards and codes to ensure our clients are effectively meeting their obligations.

Construction Consultation in Crete - Focus on Saving Design7.0 Focus on Saving Design

A holistic preparation in sustainable development and the accurate perception of the materials and methods used lay the foundation for excellence. At ARENCOS we insist on saving design and resource conservation of buildings to improve buildings utilization efficiency and make efficient use of construction resources.

To achieve a design saving philosophy, we adhere to a new mode of construction approach and management. Our architectural design proposals are based on low consumption construction resources forming a high efficiency, low energy consumption building development model.

Project Construction and Development in Crete, Greece - BIM (Building Modelling Information)7.0 BIM (Building Modelling Information)

Our practice has adopted BIM (Building Modelling Information) technology since its inception, embracing the benefits of early design integration, management, and coordination.

However, at ARENCOS, BIM is a process, not just a model. BIM is a way of working and interacting. We are using BIM to facilitate knowledge sharing, identify and mitigate critical project issues before construction and keep the budget under control.

The handover of your project is folowed by our PMDE folder:

Project Management & Delivery Excelence

What is PMDE? It’s not just an acronym for Project Management & Delivery Excellence in constructions.

It is a detailed Peer-Review Report which adapts a materialist post-structuralist view about construction’s identity for the project owner. Moreover, it encloses all the building construction parameters, roles and responsibilities of the persons involved in the project as well as the information related to its quality, operation, sustainability, energy efficiency and functional characteristics.

The aim of our PMDE approach is to achieve excellence throughout the project life-cycle and establish a compliance with the principles of quality, time and cost in constructions.


Through research, exploration and implementation of innovative techniques, we work closely with you to understand your needs and curate a customized experience from ideation to project completion. Our extensive experience and holistic-based approach allows us to think of next level solutions for every residential or commercial project.

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