ARENCOS is a progressive and contemporary community of architects, engineers, topographers, researchers, quantity surveyors and construction management professionals that focuses on architecture, engineering and design – from commercial – residential buildings to public space, and from total architecture to large scale urban planning.
About ARENCOS - Our Approach to Architecture and Engineering concepts
ARENCOS, about our engineering form in Chania, Crete

Our approach

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For us, architecture and engineering are not just concepts of a certain style or form, but more importantly it is the adaptability to the local context and tradition, its social life and its users.

It is our aim to create social interaction through all our engineering and architectural projects. That is why ARENCOS has developed a dedicated teal of property engineers, architects and material surveyors with the capability to approach all scales of projects from urban planning, to residential-commercial buildings and public space. It is these elements combined, that create the fundamental physical conditions for people’s lives and their social interaction.

Our approach to architecture is inclusive; with social, practical, economical and environmental issues integrated within the process. We consider architecture to be a process of dialogue and we involve selected experts and consultants, across countries and professional fields, in every stage of the design process.

About ARENCOS - Chania Engineering and Architecture Consultants

Our services

ARENCOS designs and develops public and private spaces that establish a holistic and innovative sensibility to enduring impact of the Greek Architecture and engineering standards. At every scale and for every condition, ARENCOS designs for the individual experience as a perspective, not as a discipline. As a result, its work is brought to life–and made complete–by those who use it.

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Our team

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ARENCOS is owned by Maria Gkika and Effie Kiriakaki. The firm is run by a management consisting of Maria and Effie and a core team of engineers, architects and surveyors. Together, they are responsible for the firm’s overall development and strategic long-term goals.