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Choosing a strategic consultant for your next construction project in Crete is a big decision. We aim to empower and educate you with open, honest, and reliable information to help you plan for your project. We candidly address FAQs to eliminate the guesswork and make your decision making easier.


What types of clients do you work with and what is your philosophy?

Every day, since 2014, we’ve been working hard on behalf of our clients to build lasting, positive and enduring relationships. Our first priority is always to work for our clients' success and to preserve and increase their wealth in Crete, Greece by acting as trusted advisors and strategic partners.


We accomplish this by focusing on our clients' goals and needs, knowing that if we serve our clients well, our own success is assured. We are committed to providing high quality construction, engineering and architectural services as measured by our clients' expectations.
During all these years, we’ve worked on every construction project possible across detached houses, renovation projects, luxuries villas, passive houses, interior design and special structures.
Each year we take on select superior projects in various categories in the net-zero, energy efficiency and passive house design principles.
However, at ARENCOS we also believe, that a true, yet effective partnership is a two-way path — ideas, concepts and information flow openly and continuously, based on a cornerstone of shared ethical values and respect for one another’s values, knowledge and expertise — and our clients appreciate this philosophy.
At ARENCOS, we are helping clients to construct outstanding projects in Crete, Greece no matter their budget, size, location and complexity of the project itself. We have spent more than two decades serving thousands of customers and providing them the prospect to reconsider and reimagine both the way construction project is managed and performed and the way their property is designed safely, efficiently and inclusively.
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What makes a client a great fit for ARENCOS®?

At ARENCOS, we strive to work with gentle, honest and ethical people in any field as diverse as construction engineering, project management, architectural design, materials selection, passive house engineering, structural condition inspection and geotechnics.


We know that apart from a constructive and ethical communication, going the extra mile is one of the most important things we can do to deliver great customer service. On the other hand, we expect that our clients interact and treat us with kindness and respect in return, so that we can have a robust and productive partnership as we journey together through the ups and downs of the project - any project.


We expect that all our clients understand the way we work and deal with risks and even if that doesn’t work exactly as we hope 100% of the time, we do everything in our power to mitigate uncertainties and achieve better results.


Construction is not with no risks or delays and there are so many variables out of our control, we if we treat others with respect no matter what, we can maintain a positive and professional relationship.


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What are the most important values to undertake a project and accept the challenge?
It is Not All About Money

We've been in the construction and engineering business of Crete since 2004. We have built up a small yet professional architectural and engineering form in Chania, Crete that can cater for large clients as well as small clients.


We deal with property investors and developers spending decent money with us, and we also have property owners and individuals who are just starting out on their construction journey here in Crete, Greece.


So the question is, do we just accept a project based on how much they are willing to spend or how complex the project could be? The answer is NO! We always strive to something higher and thus, the challenge, has already been accepted.


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How many people will be working on with me?

On average, between 8-10 professionals work on a construction or renovation project.


Typically, the following roles are involved: Senior Civil Engineer, Senior Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Account Manager, Project Manager, Communication Specialist, Project Supervisor and 1-2 Designers.


Other professionals and specialists are brought in if we need expertise in a certain area or if a special structure is needed.


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Will a Passive House Designer or Consultant be involved in my project?

A Passive House Designer or Consultant is strongly suggested to be involved in any construction or renovation project.


However, the availability of a Passive House designer or consultant depends on the requirements of the client and the project itself. Usually, a Passive House Consultant contributes ideas to help a project steer it but at ARENCOS, we are always can discuss options.


Lear more about Passive House design in Crete, Greece.

How Much Expensive is a Passive House Construction in Crete?

It’s hard to give a quick answer to such a complex question. First, understand there are four key factors that affect building cost: (1) Complexity of the design – the more complicated the building design, the more expensive to build, (2) size – No surprise here, the bigger the house, the more it will cost, (3) location – a property near the seaside will cost more than a property located in a village near the White Mountains, and (4) quality of the structural and construction materials.


Generally, the larger the construction, the less its passive elements will impact the budget. A big detached villa will be approximately 10 % percent more expensive to achieve passive house standards. However, it could be much more affordable because of the continuous improvements in construction materials improvements.


Generally speaking, the number that’s usually quoted is that it costs between €1,400 to €2,200 per square meter of building in Crete. Given that an average three-bedroom villa in Crete measures around 200 square meters in all, you’re looking at about €260,000 for the full, unfurnished build.


You can discover more about these costs at the Passive House Construction in Crete, Greece section.

How long does a construction project with ARENCOS® normally take?

Typically, a new construction project takes 8-12 months to be completed and delivered to the client.


The predesign phase for a new project takes 2-3 months but currently (2023) the most dominant source of delay is the governmental authorities (Chania Town Planning) responsible to issue the Building Permit.


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Who will be managing and supervising the works?

You will have two wing persons, our Project Manager Director and one of our Project Supervisors.


Moreover, via project owners have a clear picture of the project progress, performance, including potential risks, distribution of responsibilities, and the overall project goals.


This includes short monthly phone check-ins and written project status updates. There are several other people on our team who you will meet with and who will lead various parts of the works required.

How do you manage client communication and collaboration?

ARENCOS® uses Trello, Click Up, and Monday some of the most popular and refreshingly simple and effective project management platforms. We also use Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Slack, and Google Chat.

Is supervision needed for all projects?

Yes, project supervision and business strategy are the core of everything we do. All of our client engagements start with strategy.

Why? Because without the big-picture clarity made possible with strategy, creative performance falls short and lacks substance. A brand-new window won’t likely solve an insulation problem.


A new solar panel for water heating might not save energy and then assist you to mitigate the energy bill. A structural issue identification won’t help you identify and solve unforeseen issues and project challenges.


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Can I hire ARENCOS® for my project supervision works only?

We don’t typically work on construction or renovation projects as supervisors if we don’t also do the design or the construction. ARENCOS® may accept a supervision-only project if a client already has a very clear and well-developed strategic foundation, a reputable contractor and is ready to execute.


We would review everything before making this exception to ensure that the proposed project matches the high bar we set for supervision works.


However, this service is provided only for construction or renovation projects located in Chania, Crete.

Is everything you've done in your portfolio?

No, what you see in our portfolio is a small number of our projects. If there’s a particular residential or commercial property you’d like to see, just ask.


We’ve worked on many construction and renovation projects since 2004 and can’t possibly show them all on our website.

How do I know you have experience in my project case?

We know well that we can only meaningfully contribute to any project if we work in partnership with others. From passive houses that set new standards of energy saving to exceptional residential properties that ensure comfort, resilience, beauty, and sustainability.


We have worked across project construction, project management, construction sustainability, value engineering, historic buildings renovation, passive house design, and total architecture to more specialized fields like interior design, waste management, strategic real estate advisory, digital management, and wind energy engineering.


Our people are among the best in their field and independent by nature. As dedicated professionals and creative thinkers, they have the confidence to take all the necessary steps to establish success even for the most challenging projects. For over 20 years we have nurtured creative minds becoming a welcome home for the best.


ARENCOS is an architectural and engineering firm where the synergistic integration of critical thinking, know-how, and collaboration, leads to work of superior quality and lasting relevance enabling us to apply integrated solutions and design projects and spaces that matter.


You are more than welcome to ask us to provide you with references from our clients to assist your decision-making and feel more confident.


Should you require a reference for your evaluation of working with us, please contact us directly so we can properly introduce you for a reference.

What do you require before starting a project?

We require a signed Engagement Letter, a signed Master Services Agreement (MSA), and a deposit for the works specified in the Engagement Letter.


I am located abroad. How we can work together?

Location does not matter for us. We have clients all over the world and as long as communication is good, and reliable - there shouldn't be an issue.


We also try to arrange to meet every client face to face too before a project starts. We use apps like Microsoft Teams, Teamwork, Slack, Zoom and Trello, Monday and Click Up to manage projects.

What services do you offer?

ARENCOS technical, engineering and advisory consultants offer a wide range of services and expertise, from utilizing digital technology to helping you meet.


At ARENCOS, every day we create architectural and engineering quality based on innovation, knowledge, and ethical values. This assures sustainable and aesthetic solutions with lasting value for clients, occupants, the environment and society.

Our relentless focus on excellence is how we strive to improve ourselves, to challenge, to think and act differently – for ourselves, our clients and their properties.


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What sets ARENCOS® apart from other engineering and architectural firms in Crete?

It is simple. We do business differently. How? Ask our previous and current clients. The foundation cornerstone of our business is our reputation, honesty and integrity.


We are the only architectural and engineering firm in Crete, Greece which applies and integrates a plethora of biophilic design and total architecture principles to the entire life-cycle of a project.


We are certified Passive House Designers and Smart Buildings specialists.


We provide dedicated services to each client. No project is the same with the previous or the next one.


Our Property Construction Services follow a list of strict design, management and supervision criteria to deliver excellence during the entire life-cycle of a project.


We provide Vacation Rental Property Management services that generate high revenue.


We collaborate globally to set new standards in construction and infrastructure in Crete, Greece. The main focus areas cover passive house design, total architecture, cost management and project planning.


We are committed to providing high quality services as measured by our clients' expectations.

What are the most important principles of your business?

1. Our primary accountability is to work for our clients' success.


We accomplish this by concentrating on our clients' goals and needs, knowing that if we serve our clients well no matter their budget or project size, our own success is guaranteed. We are devoted to providing high quality services as measured by our clients' expectations.


2. We work hard to earn and maintain our clients' trust.


Our goal is to serve our clients as their trusted advisor in Crete, Greece by caring for them both as property owners, investors and as people. As trusted advisors, we act in our clients' best interest.


3. The foundation cornerstone of our business is our reputation, honesty and integrity.


Without a foundation of honesty loyalty, integrity and uprightness in all we do, our endeavours will be unsuccessful. Long-term success can only be established and maintained by adherence to professional and ethical standards. Honesty with our clients, trustworthiness with each other, and good faith in all of our actions characterize ARENCOS.


4. Our people are the most principal asset of our business.


Each of the design, engineering and strategic decisions that shape a project are proposed and implemented by our people.

At ARENCOS, we celebrating the expertise, passion, critical thing and creativity that drive our team to tackle challenges, mitigate risks and establish resilience.


To be the best at what we do, we must attract, fascinate, develop and motivate the best professionals in their fields. We require our people to continuously improve their skills as highly qualified specialists through a personal commitment to knowledge

sharing and value creation.


5. We place high value on knowledge sharing and leadership.


Knowledge sharing and leadership are expected to foster critical thinking, value creation and establish motivation on our shared vision towards a resilient and sustainable tomorrow.


6. We are committed to investing in the future.


We explore sustainable ways to remove carbon from the built environment and implement biophilic design principles in our projects. We invest in business digitization and continuous learning to foster innovation and knowledge sharing and we strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that will bring credit to our profession and the firm at all times.

What about your people?

Our people are the most principal asset of our business.

Each of the design, engineering and strategic decisions that shape a project are proposed and implemented by our people. At ARENCOS, we celebrating the expertise, passion, critical thing and creativity that drive our team to tackle challenges, mitigate risks and establish resilience.

To be the best at what we do, we must attract, fascinate, develop and motivate the best professionals in their fields. We require our people to continuously improve their skills as highly qualified specialists through a personal commitment to knowledge sharing and value creation.


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My budget is small. Can ARENCOS® assist me?

At ARENCOS, we do have a minimum starting budget. This enables us to create variety in our projects with property owners with small budget and property investors or companies with large budget. We have a team of quantity surveyors and property investment specialists that have the experience and expertise to cater for real estate investors, but also have the flexibility for them to assist clients with small budget.

We're a small architectural and engineering firm in Chania, Crete with some fascinating projects already running, so we do have to state a minimum spend - but if you're idea is awesome and the requirements are realistic, we'll listen your idea for sure. Every query we get, we evaluate and digest before making a decision on whether to take it to the next step or not.

If you have € 1,000,000 to spend and the project seems simple- we will tell you how to spend your money more wisely. If you have a low budget but many requirements, we will tell you. If you don't know how much a project costs - let us know what range is realistic from your side and we will tell you what functionality is realistic from the engineering, architectural, management or digital side. 
We wrote several articles on budgets for construction projects in Crete, Greece that may be useful to some of you reading these.
It's also important to have realistic timeframes and deadlines for your project too. It's not just about budget, it's about when that can be delivered according to the highest standards that we set. If you have €250,000 to invest for a new construction but want it done in six months, somebody is going to be disappointed.


Devoted to sustainable development and management of real estate assets in Chania, Crete, ARENCOS is a business of engineering and computer scientist consultants, designers, architects and passive house design experts striving to provide something extraordinary. Founded to be humane and exceptional, we work together with our clients and partners using creativity, technology, and knowledge to shape a better world.

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Ensuring Excellence

Our work should always be interesting and rewarding. We must therefore strive for excelence in everything we do and never be satisfied with mediocrity.

From Project Development to Business Digitalization.