Advanced Analytics

Shift To a New World with Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics enables you to use data in innovative ways to:

  • Increase profits
  • Understand your clients
  • Understand market trends
  • Optimize performance
  • Boost digital marketing effectiveness
  • Improve ROI
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Enhance clients’ satisfaction
  • Shift to predictive everything
  • Improve forecasting


We create tailor-made and truly innovative solutions, to address new business functions, project risks and challenges. Projects and services for clients and businesses often touch on the following topics:

  • Insights-driven marketing: Based on transaction data, we conduct targeted data mining to assist business’ owners make informed decisions about pricing, upgrades, and performance management.
  • Insights-driven operations: We help businesses and property owners identify improvement opportunities and improve operations performance.
  • Predictive operations: Based on state-of-the-art Business Analytics tools we are using data science and Big Data to produce meaningful insights that help you achieve performance excellence.
ARENCOS Advanced Analytics Platform


Our Advanced Analytics platform provides a holistic ecosystem of data to help businesses and individuals discover insights that improve operations and generate ideas that drive game-changing outcomes. Build confidence and reliability in your operations with smart business processes and appealing data visualization applications..

Identify. Analyze. Implement. Transform.

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Now you don’t have to focus on “going digital.” You are digital.

Our Digital Delivery Platform

We bring together construction professionals, risk management experts, business intelligence and digital management specialists, designers, and computer scientists to transform your idea into a successful business.

Risk mitigation

Look into historical data to identify potential risks and mitigate uncertainties with Predictive Analytics. Standardize your data collection and analysis processes, and deploy user-friendly tools to your business.

Data visualization

Transform data into valuable insights with exceptional visualization capabilities that impact business performance and operations. Inspiring performance excellence and applying innovation with bespoke data visualization solutions.

Dynamic Branding Optimization

Our Advanced Analytics has the power to bring new outcomes — from improvements in everyday operations to productivity. We help you establish strong Branding Optimization practices that set the stage for any digital transformation.

Predictive Analytics

Enhance your tomorrow and drive superior business outcomes with forward-looking insights generated from your own data. Mitigate risks and make clear decisions for your business and operations with much greater confidence and in turn boost profitability.
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What story does your data have to tell? Advanced Analytics

ARENCOS Advanced Digital Services are designed to foster innovation and accelerate digital transformation. Data validation, data modeling, visualizations, Big Data Analytics, IoT, and automation are dedicated to helping you improve your business’ performance and establish digitization at the heart of everything you do.

Digital Consulting Services in Chania, Crete - ARENCOS Engineers

Our Powerful Ecosystem

With our digital ecosystem and strategic partners, we extend our full-service technology and business capabilities. Our aim is to foster project success and digital transformation at the greatest speed in the market.
We help clients across the private, public, and social sectors create projects that matter most to them.
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There is no finish line for success.

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