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Property Identification + Property Inspection + Property Price Negotiation + Pre-purchase Consultation
We are here to help you every step of the way and make sure the buying and selling process runs as smoothly as possible.
Whether you are selling your commercial or residential property in Chania, Crete, or looking to buy your dream home in Crete, we will support you through every step of the process and ensure you are well-informed at all times.
At ARENCOS, we make it our mission to take the pain out of property transactions.
ARENCOS has created valuable partnerships, professional synergies and relationships focused on identifying clients and investors coming from abroad.
The careful selection of properties is carried out by a professional real estate team and is finalised towards the most proficient placement of properties within the selected target audience.

Property Identification

ARENCOS provides advanced real estate identification services, home inspections and commercial property inspections in Crete.

You simply share with us your criteria, budget and non-negotiables and start looking for the property you are looking for.

We only propose inspected properties, we conduct an independent and professional property appraisal and request all the necessary documentation from the property owner or the real estate agent before the pre-purchase screening process.

Property Inspection

We evaluate many residential and commercial properties each year, utilizing industry-leading training and technology to give you an unbiased look at the condition of any residential or commercial building to facilitate your decision making.

Our ever-growing list of satisfied clients includes property buyers, sellers, commercial property investors.

Our property inspection services provide the expert evaluation and holistic assessment that you need for any residential or commercial property in Crete.

Read more about our Property Inspection Services.

Total Transparency and Objectivity

Our decision to internalize within ARENCOS a wide range of principles, initiatives and professional resources allows us to guarantee a series of services of additional value.

These include real estate long term investment prognosis, geo-marketing studies, analysis of the potential or risk related to the subject property, dedicated studies related to structural development of real estate and a Return of Investment analysis.

The practicality of ARENCOS Property Identification and Mediation services, is based on unconditional principles, reliability, total transparency and objectivity which offers our clients peace of mind and absolute certainty.


  • Property Appraisal
  • Property Inspection
  • Management of tax and regulatory activities
  • Consultation and mediation with real estate agents, property owners, accountants, engineers and governmental authorities
  • Development of a Property Proposal
  • Investment Analysis
  • Reporting

Responsible, ethical and responsive; constant and courageous; autonomous and innovative. We are looking for exceptionality.

Project Management in Crete
Property Identification and Mediation in Crete, Greece

Would you be interested in our services?Talk to us about the property you are looking for.

Meet the team


Maria Gkika

Senior Civil Engineer - Founder & Owner

Stelios Ilias Mpaladakis - Civil Engineer - ARENCOS

Stelios Ilias Mpaladakis

Civil Engineer

Effie Kiriakaki - ARENCOS Architect

Effie Kiriakaki

Senior Architect

Katerina Koukouvitaki -ARENCOS Architect

Katerina Koukouvitaki


Stavros Thomas - Wind Energy Engineer ARENCOS

Stavros Thomas

Senior Wind Energy Engineer

Maria Maridaki - Interior Design & Property Management with ARENCOS

Maria Maridaki

Renovation Design & Property Management

Erasmia Skartsila- Junior Architect at ARENCOS

Erasmia Skartsila

Junior Architect

Gregory Petrakis - Senior Electrical Engineer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Gregory Petrakis

Senior Electrical Engineer

Dimitris Papadakis - Rural & Surveying Engineer - ARENCOS

Dimitris Papadakis

Rural & Surveying Engineer

Aristidis Vittorakis - Senior Civil Engineer (Structural) - ARENCOS

Aristidis Vittorakis

Senior Civil Engineer (Structural)

Ioanna Patteraki - Mechanical Engineer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Ioanna Patteraki

Mechanical Engineer

Nikos Spiridakis - Topographer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Nikos Spiridakis



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