Our Businesses

We assist clients to transform and improve their lives and the places they live.

We innovate on a continual basis, following trends and customer needs in the sectors in which we operate.

We deliver essential innovations across three businesses— Constructions & Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Property Management. Together with our many partners, we’re helping to discover better ways to reach and support operational excellence.

ARENCOS’s Research supports the creation of opportunities for future growth by cultivating purpose-led innovation and value creation across our activities. It also explores adjacent business opportunities outside the scope of our existing services, presently Fair Housing and Dedicated Market Research & Services.

ARENCOS - Architects, Engineers and Constructors in Chania, Crete.
ARENCORES - Exclusive Properties for Sale in Chania, Crete

If you’re thinking of entering the residential or commercial property market of Chania, Crete, but don’t know where to start, ARENCORES can provide you with a wide range of exceptional real estate and property management services.

My Place in Chania - Redefine the real estate in Chania, Crete

To exploit the potential of value creation, we strive to deliver sustainable, yet reliable real estate solutions by harnessing extensive data and market insights to execute on all aspects of a property’s purchase lifecycle and drive better results.

Historical Prices Data - Chania Real Estate Services

Datanalytika assists clients replace information with reliable data for the real estate and construction activity in Crete, Greece and turn information into insight.

Why Chania - City's Blinding Lights

In this insider's guide to the Prefecture of Chania, the experts from Why Chania reveal the unmissable sights and the hidden gems of the spectacular city of Chania and its suburbs. Let’s explore!

Chania Real Estate - Properties for sale

Discover properties for sale in Chania, Crete, and the latest trends in the market. Our off-market extensive collection includes carefully selected luxury properties that can fulfill our strict quality assurance criteria for guaranteed high standards.

It Logic Digital Agency - Chania Digital Marketing

It is Logic is a full-service digital agency in Chania, Crete that helps design, develop, launch and grow businesses and brands. We provide dedicated and complete digital strategies for success.

A real estate blog dedicated in Chania for Property Buyers and Investors

Read our latest articles and research to learn more about the real estate market of Chania. We provide reliable data and suggestions by combining local market insight, specialized expertise, innovative marketing and resources.

Think Crete Real Estate - A Blog for you

Think Crete is a real estate blog for everything readers need to know about owning, buying and selling a property in Crete, Greece.

Meet the Team


Maria Gkika

Senior Civil Engineer - Founder & Owner

Stelios Ilias Mpaladakis - Civil Engineer - ARENCOS

Stelios Ilias Mpaladakis

Civil Engineer

Christina Nianou Senior Architect at ARENCOS, Chania, Crete

Christina Nianiou

Senior Architect

Stavros Thomas - Wind Energy Engineer ARENCOS

Stavros Thomas

Senior Wind Energy Engineer

Maria Maridaki - Interior Design & Property Management with ARENCOS

Maria Maridaki

Renovation Design & Property Management

Erasmia Skartsila- Junior Architect at ARENCOS

Erasmia Skartsila


Eleni Tzouganaki - Chania Junior Architects ARENCOS

Eleni Tzouganaki

Junior Architect

Gregory Petrakis - Senior Electrical Engineer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Gregory Petrakis

Senior Electrical Engineer

Dimitris Papadakis - Rural & Surveying Engineer - ARENCOS

Dimitris Papadakis

Rural & Surveying Engineer

Aristidis Vittorakis - Senior Civil Engineer (Structural) - ARENCOS

Aristidis Vittorakis

Senior Civil Engineer (Structural)

Hellena Willson - Business Inquiries Specialist

Hellena Willson

Customer Inquiry Specialist

Carol Ann Reed - Interior Designer Architect - ARENCOS Architects & Engineers in Chania, Crete.

Carol Ann Reed

Interior Designer - Architect

Ioanna Patteraki - Mechanical Engineer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Ioanna Pateraki

Mechanical Engineer

Nikos Spiridakis - Topographer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Nikos Spiridakis



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