ARENCOS Partnerships - Civil Engineering, Construction and Property Management in Crete, Greece.


From sustainability to total architecture our collaborations help us to tackle a broad range of problems.

Strategic Partnerships

ARENCOS creates powerful partnerships through networking and collaboration with civil engineering and architectural design institutions and firms. With these strategic partnerships, we contribute to a powerful source of innovation and implementation power for our clients and local societies.

ARENCOS is a strategic and important partner for us. They have given us access to the best engineering, planning and architectural design expertise for our touristic investments in Chania, Crete. Furthermore, ARENCOS is a firm that shares our commitment to tackling the most important risks and uncertainties for our commercial real estate assets portfolio.

M&M Property Investors Strategic Partner

Our Focus

what is the aim

Our Strategic Partnerships with local and international institutions, firms and organizations have been designed to develop and share innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchanges of experiences in the fields of civil engineering, total architecture and construction excellence.

Overall, our strategic partnerships aim to address horizontal priorities as well as field specific priorities in the areas of:

  • Design Engineering
  • Total Architecture
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Civil Engineering & Innovation
  • Commercial Infrastructure
  • Health & Safety
  • Wind Energy Engineering
  • Sustainability
Technical Chamber of Greece and and ARENCOS
Royal Institute of British Architects and ARENCOS
The Building Centre - ARENCOS

Local Partners

Successful Projects Are the Result of Great Partnerships

A View for the Future

We strive to create spaces that are grounded in historical precedent -as the majority of our projects in Chania, Crete, take strategic clues from their context, and have a view to the future. We travel as far and as widely as possible to see and discover new concepts, design, strategies and tools.

Design Excellence

With a portfolio spanning from high-end residences to affordable housing, touristic facilities and renovation, ARENCOS applies the same design excellence to each project. Our mission is to achieve each client’s goals while including passion, vision and diligence with every project.

Experience and Knowledge

At ARENCOS, we work to discover and distill the fundamental principles that drive each architectural or engineering project. It is this essence, revealed in the practice that resonates within a culture and community, creating new experience and knowledge which endures through time.

ARENCOS has built a reputation for creating buildings, landscapes and master plans that represent the highest aspiration and pursue of our clients.

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