Strategic Collaborations

ARENCOS creates powerful partnerships through networking and collaboration with civil engineering and architectural design institutions and firms. With these strategic partnerships, we contribute to a powerful source of innovation and implementation power for our clients and local societies.
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While our business continuously evolves, core values. are remaining constant. They define our way of working and are at the heart of everything we doin the field of architectural and engineering immersive experiences.

Strategic Partnerships— Collaboration is determining the future of industry and society. Knowledge sharing as a discipline is one of the keys to the successful transformation of design, processes and business models. Through partnerships, we can see through the eyes of users as the transformation takes place and deliver creative answers.

Digital Consulting Services in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS
Technical Chamber of Greece - ARENCOS Partnerships
SAP - ARENCOS Partnerships
Royal institute of British Architects - - ARENCOS Partnerships
ARENCOS Digital Functions - CISCO
The Active Building Centre Research Programme
The Building Centre - ARENCOS
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ARENCOS Advanced Digital Services are designed to foster innovation and accelerate digital transformation. Data validation, data modeling, visualizations, Big Data Analytics, IoT, and automation are dedicated to helping you improve your business’ performance and establish digitalization at the heart of everything you do.

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What we do.

At ARENCOS, our relentless focus on excellence is how we strive to improve ourselves, to challenge, to think, and act differently.

Our thoughtful, yet holistic understanding of the bigger picture behing any project, demonstrates our dedication to our clients’ requirements, expectations and opportunities.

What we Do - Chania Engineers and Architects

Graphic communication – illustrative, diagrammatic + urban sketch.

Market research

From piling and foundations to roofing and everything in between.


Eco-friendly materials, innovative solutions, and environmental stewardship.

Consultation + Engagement

Creative engagement styles including Sketching and 3Ds.


From concept to delivery we deliver holistic expertise in the construction sector.

Civil Engineering

We unlock each project's full potential, crafting modern spaces and respectful buildings.

Chania Constructions -Ethical performance
How We
At ARENCOS we view architectural design and construction engineering as a holistic process of exploration and discovery fueled by limitless thinking.
We innovate on a continual basis, following trends and customer needs in the sectors in which we operate. We deliver essential innovations across our businesses— Construction & Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Property Management.