Our Values & Principles

At ARENCOS our fundamental principle states that to succeed in this highly competitive environment requires the highest standards of synergistic behaviour towards everyone we work with, the projects we construct, and the environment on which we have an impact.

Our Values

our path to success

Our values describe how we do business and interact with our colleagues, associates, clients, stakeholders and investors. Our five core values are integrity, ethical behavior, responsibility, respect, creativity, reliability and innovation. As we win new projects, recruit new talent and face a wide-range of construction and management challenges, these guide our management strategy, decision making, productivity and performance.







Knowledge Sharing

Defining and Articulating Our Values

ARENCOS Values and Principles - Working with integrity

Always working with integrity. Integrity defines how we behave, wherever we are and what we want to achieve. It guides us to do the right thing for the long-term success of ARENCOS.

We’re also committed to continual improvements implementation and development to deal with confidence against a wide-range of risks and establish a a sustainable business.

Chania engineering and construction - Ethical Behavior

ARENCOS is a newly established firm but we are also very fortunate to have an outstanding group of diverse, passionate and engaged people working with us. We aim to do what is right, whatever the cost; we stand up for the weak, whatever the danger; we face our fears and find ways of defeating them.

As a values driven and fiercely ambitious firm we all therefore have an important role to play in bringing our values to life and making them part of our daily interaction with our clients, property owners, stakeholders and investors. Our ethical behavior aims to guide our way of working and interacting with others and also facilitates our decision making.

Our ethical behavior includes honesty, integrity, fairness and a variety of other positive traits.

Crete Engineering and Construction - Creativity

Creativity is the engine of intellectual achievement. At ARENCOS, we encourage and provoke creativity so that our employees are inspired to seek out new knowledge, learn new skills and achieve performance excellence.

Creativity is closely linked to curiosity and innovation, helping us all to develop better relationships and design new solutions. The life of at ARENCOS is never boring!

Total Architecture by ARENCOS

Total Architecture’ indicates that all relevant design decisions have been considered together and have been integrated into a whole by a well organised and dedicated team empowered to set priorities, mitigate risks and propose alternatives.

Whenever man imagined he had found ” eternal beauty” he fell back into imitation and stagnation. True tradition is the result of constant growth. Its quality must be dynamic, not static, to serve as an inexhaustible stimulus to man.

Walter Gropius (1883–1969)

Chania engineering and construction - Innovation

At ARENCOS we constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we design and manage. Therefore, we are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation.

We strive to do great, successful, important, and rewarding projects that we can take pride in. As a team, we are sharing our knowledge and lessons learned. We support and encourage innovation and we also set big goals and high expectations, but we are appreciative, grateful, and supportive of our successes.

A View for the Future

We strive to create spaces that are grounded in historical precedent -as the majority of our projects in Chania, Crete, take strategic clues from their context, and have a view to the future. We travel as far and as widely as possible to see and discover new concepts, design, strategies and tools.

Design Excellence

With a portfolio spanning from high-end residences to affordable housing, touristic facilities and renovation, ARENCOS applies the same design excellence to each project. Our mission is to achieve each client’s goals while including passion, vision and diligence with every project.

Experience and Knowledge

At ARENCOS, we work to discover and distill the fundamental principles that drive each architectural or engineering project. It is this essence, revealed in the practice that resonates within a culture and community, creating new experience and knowledge which endures through time.

ARENCOS has built a reputation for creating buildings, landscapes and master plans that represent the highest aspiration and pursue of our clients.

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