What we Do

What we do.

At ARENCOS, our relentless focus on excellence is how we strive to improve ourselves, to challenge, to think, and act differently.
Our thoughtful, yet holistic understanding of the bigger picture behing any project, demonstrates our dedication to our clients’ requirements, expectations and opportunities.
What we Do - Chania Engineers and Architects

Graphic communication – illustrative, diagrammatic + urban sketch.

Market research

From piling and foundations to roofing and everything in between.


Eco-friendly materials, innovative solutions, and environmental stewardship.

Consultation + Engagement

Creative engagement styles including Sketching and 3Ds.


From concept to delivery we deliver holistic expertise in the construction sector.

Civil Engineering

We unlock each project's full potential, crafting modern spaces and respectful buildings.

Architecture. Design. Engineering.
Management. Consultancy. Sustainability.

From insights to action, we embrace the power of engineering and technology to create 360° value for our clients, people and communities.

Architectural Design

Sustainable Design

Real Estate Mediation

Building Construction

Property Management

Project Management

Remodeling & Renovation

Property Inspection

Consulting & Transaction

Interior Architecture

Digital Functions

Design & Build

Project Management & Delivery Excellence (PMDE)
Project Management & Delivery Excellence (PMDE) by ARENCOS

The HANDOVER of your project is followed by our PMDE folder.

Project Management & Delivery Excellence - Constructions in Crete

What is PMDE?

It’s not just an acronym for Project Management & Delivery Excellence in constructions. It is a detailed Peer-Review Report which adapts a materialist post-structuralist view about construction’s identity for the project owner.

Featured Projects

Guided by heritage, inspired by innovation, ARENCOS crafts a tomorrow where every design tells a story of aesthetic — and purpose. Through this philosophy, we design escapes where people love to be together and filled with joy and satisfaction.

ARENCOS Team - Architects and Engineers in Chania, Crete

Let There Be Change
- Ideas That Make An Impact.

What We Do

Through research, exploration and implementation of innovative techniques, we work closely with you to understand your needs and curate a customized experience from ideation to project completion.

Our extensive experience and holistic-based approach allow us to think of next-level solutions for every residential or commercial project.

Explore our LOGIC Ventures.

We’re aware of the lasting and far-reaching impacts of the projects we deliver. So, we set out to highlight and address ripple effects on our designs with an emphasis on passive house principles and sustainable architecture through our Lead Optimum Green Investments & Constructions (LOGIC) Ventures. This is the future we can create, together.
ARENCOS- What We Do Our Engineering and Architectural Services in Chania, Crete.

resilience. energy transition. sustainability. value creation. loyality.

ARENCOS provides an extensive range of Architectural, Engineering, Consultation and Construction services in Crete, Greece. Through the contribution of its experienced, reputable and well-trained team, yet of its selected structural and electrical-mechanical engineering associates, it undertakes the architectural design of residential and commercial buildings, construction, interior design, renovation and complete re-construction.

Our ultimate goal is to create a unique outcome, through performance excellence, innovation and quality. We insist on design excellence, total architecture, energy-saving, principal commitment and absolute compliance with the latest industrial standards, energy efficiency and aesthetics, bringing together the client’s requirements with the influences of the project itself.

We are the final choice for many owners and investors because of our dedication to detail, sincerity and this endless elation of delectation we produce. Through every building construction, architectural design and renovation project, we create places that enhance the human experience and well-being.

What We Do - Construction Projects in Chania, Crete - ARENCOS

We're committed to creating spaces that matter.

transformation. sustainability. total architecture. technology. earth materials. knowledge sharing. creativity. innovation.

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How we Think

At ARENCOS we view architectural design and construction engineering as a holistic process of exploration and discovery fueled by limitless thinking.


Values Commitment

While our business continuously evolves, our core values are remaining constant. They define our way of working and are at the heart of everything we do in the field of architectural and engineering immersive experiences.

  creativity/ innovation/ transparency

Digital Ecosystem

Our Businesses

We innovate on a continual basis, following trends and customer needs in the sectors in which we operate. We deliver essential innovations across our businesses— Construction & Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Property Management.