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Property Inspection Services

Our property inspection services provide the expert evaluation and holistic assessment that you need for any residential or commercial property in Crete.

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Buying a property abroad is an important decision and a big investment. Thus, discovering any defects before signing any purchase contract is a top priority.

Moreover, a detailed understanding and a bird’s eye view of a property’s condition before you commit to it, gives you what you need to negotiate a fair price with confidence and it also provides you with peace of mind when making your final offer.

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We specialize in an array of residential and commercial inspections in Crete to help you make a sound decision about a property’s potential.

Our Property Inspection Services include:

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Hand-Over Inspection

Commercial Property Inspection

Defects Inspection

Structural Inspection

Our highly trained & certified property inspectors go through your property with the best of tools, aided by the latest technology and using a condition assessment with 350+ checks to take full control of your real estate transaction and make sure everything is checked and nothing is left to chance.

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Waive the possibility, not the inspection.

We are an independent firm, owned in trust by our clients. We choose work where we can make a positive difference in the real estate and construction market of Crete, Greece.

Property Inspection Services - Property Purchase Consultancy in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS

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Residential & Commercial Property Assessments

Attic Condition and Home Insulation

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

Windows and Doors

Structural Components

Basement and Foundation Health

Air Conditioning

Drainage Systems

Roofing Materials and Health

Heating Systems

Electrical Systems

Plumbing Systems


Irrigation Systems

Slabs and Crawl Spaces

Electronic Surface Moisture Scanning

Invasive Moisture Testing

Building Moisture Infiltration Analysis

General Building Leak Detection and Reporting

A comprehensive inspection followed by a clear narrative report (fees are applied)


Commercial Property Assessments

From retail shops to office buildings and from restaurants to commercial tourism facilities, we perform complete commercial inspections to help you make wise investment decisions before you buy or lease a commercial property.

Foundation Inspection - ARENCOS Engineers and Inspection Services in Crete
Foundation Inspection
Structural Inspection - Check your property's structural soundness - ARENCOS Property Inspection - Crete
Structural Inspection
Electrical Systems Inspection - ARENCOS Property Inspection, Chania, Crete
Electrical Systems Inspection
Surface Water Drainage Systems Inspection in Chania, Crete - ARENCOS Architects & Engineers
Land Drainage Inspection
Plumbing Inspection for your Property in Chania, Crete.
Plumbing Inspection
Roof Inspection - Engineers and Architects in Crete
Roof Inspection
Windows and Frames Inspection - ARENCOS Architecs and Engineers
Windows & Frames Inspection
Sound Proofing Inspection in Chania, Crete - ARENCOS Engineers
Sound Proofing Inspection
Indoor Air Quality Inspection - ARENOS Architects & Engineers in Crete
Indoor Air Quality Inspection
Check your property's insulation condition by a dedicated inspection from ARENCOS Engineers and Architects in Crete
Building Insulation Inspection
Engineering Standards Compliance - ARENCOS Property Inspection
Standards Compliance
Evaluate a Building Lot with ARENCOS Property Inspection - Chania Archiotects & Engineers in Crete, Greece
Building Lot Valuation
Building Environmental Efficiency Inspection - ARENCOS Property Inspection, Chania, Crete.
Environmental Efficiency Inspection
Noise and sound level monitoring - ARENCOS Property Inspection Architects and Consultants in Chania, Crete.
Noise & Sound Level Monitoring
Property Safety Inspection by ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete, Greece.
Property Safety Inspection
Swimming Pool Inspection - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete, Greece
Swimming Pool Inspection
Mold Inspection - ARENCOS Chania Engineers
Mold Inspection
Building Energy Efficiency Inspection - ARENCOS Property Inspection, Chania, Crete
Energy Efficiency Inspection
Moisture Inspection - ARENCOS Engineers in Crete
Moisture Inspection
Ventilation Inspection - ARENCOS Engineers in Chania, Crete
Ventilation Inspection
General Building Leak Detection and Reporting - ARENCOS Engineers
Leak Detection
Construction Works Suitability Inspection - ARENCOS Engineers and Architects in Crete
Construction Works Suitability

Specialty Inspections

We also provide specialized services for those requiring deeper inspections such as mold testing, HVAC systems inspection and pool or spa inspection.

If you require any additional types of inspections that are not listed, communicate with us and we can discuss your needs.

When we perform a regular inspection, all of the property’s systems are inspected. However, in some cases, clients don’t need to conduct a full, standard inspection and ask for specific systems or components to be reviewed such as the roof, plumbing, pool, electrical, irrigation, and more.

In those cases, we can take a customized approach to focus on the particular systems specified.

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The Property Inspection in Chania:
Do’s and Don’ts for Property Buyers.

A professional property inspection can ensure you’re aware of any issues or critical defects before closing on your new property in Crete.

Make smart decisions with
side-by-side comparisons.

Get even more clarity about the propety of your interest.

A Buyer’s Home Inspection Checklist

A property inspection is a visual, yet holistic inspection of a property to determine its current state, condition and any potential issues or defects.

An inspection is most often done as part of a real estate purchase agreement or interest from a potential buyer or investor for a specific property.

Always Striving for Something Higher

Our inspection process, assessment, surveys and reports are intended to produce safe, inclusive and resilient outcomes. We also recognize that sustainability and energy efficiency encompasses many different parameters. So, our inspection works also prioritize energy-saving materials, energy efficiency, biodiversity, conservation of resources, and carbon footprint.

NOTE: The property inspection is non-invasive, meaning that the inspector does not cut into walls, drill into the land, or any other type of intrusive inspections that may cause damage to the property. A property inspection is meant to help purchasers make informed decisions about the property before they buy it; the inspection also helps sellers to know what, if any, parts of the property may require repair or replacement or are not up to the latest building codes.

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Property Inspection Request

Holistic Inspection Reporting

This checklist is a complete overview of what a property inspector from ARENCOS looks for in a property inspection:

Grounds And Exterior Construction
  • Foundation 
  • Septic tank
  • Drainage
  • Plumbing
  • Exterior walls
  • Windows and door frames
  • Siding 
  • Bricks and/or stonewalls 
  • Paint
  • Roof shingles
  • Gutters
  • Chimneys 
  • Detached garage, shed, fence and deck
  • Moisture evidence assessment
  • Water damage 
  • Sump pump operation assessment
  • Checking evidence of staining from the roof
  • Structural elements
  • Ventilation through vents and end louvers
  • Insulation
  • Electrical splices 
  • Plumbing systems condition
  • Water pressure for hot and cold water
  • Tub, shower and sink drain
  • Toilet flushes and fills 
  • Checking of potential leaking around base of tub or shower
  • Plumbing systems 
  • Checking the performance of exhaust fan vents to outside
  • Garbage disposal 
  • Checking water flow and drain to sink
  • Built-in appliances operation checking
Interior Rooms
  • Floors, walls and ceilings condition
  • Doors and window frames’ condition
  • Lights and switches operation checking
  • Checking for an adequate number of electrical outlets in each room
  • Checking heating and cooling AC units operation in all rooms
  • Fireplace checking
  • Stairway treads and risers
ARENCOS Property Management shape
Electrical Systems
  • Wiring infrastructure
  • Cables security and protection checking
  • Off-grid systems condition checking
Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Solar panels checking
  • Air conditioning and heating systems checking
  • Air filters
  • Fan coils
  • Cooling units
Interior Rooms
  • Floors, walls and ceilings, condition
  • Doors and window frames condition
  • Lights and switches operation checking
  • Checking for an adequate number of electrical outlets in each room
  • Checking heating and cooling AC units in all rooms
  • Fireplace checking
  • Fireplace checking
  • Stairway treads and risers condition

Extensive Testing

In addition to complying with ARENCOS RPI® standards for a residential inspection, our inspections exceed expectations. Among others, we also conduct assessments and tests on the critical infrastructure and systems:

  1. Solar electric panels
  2. Residential wind turbines
  3. Off-grid equipment
  4. Fire Alarms
  5. CCTV and Security Equipment
  6. Infrared Scan Included
  7. Visual Mold Assessment
  8. Aerial Roof Inspections
  9. Moisture scan
  10. Infrared Scan Included
  11. Visual Mold Assessment
  12. Aerial Roof Inspections
  13. Carbon monoxide test
  14. Fill and test jetted tubs
  15. Moisture scan

16. Test hot water temperature and pressure
17. Test garage door safety a
18. Test AFCIs
19. Test GFCIs
20. Test water pressure
21. Flood test tile showers
22. Test thermal windows
23. Test buildings energy performance (PEA)
24. Check appliances that remain in the house
25. Washer/dryer & refrigerator testing
26. Test built-in outdoor cooking equipment
27. Test built-in outdoor cooking equipment/BBQ
28. Test Telecommunication network
29. Test Broadband connection

How Much Does a Property Inspection Cost?

It’s important to note that the property buyer is typically responsible for paying for the inspection because it protects them from purchasing a property with significant problems and defects. The average cost of a property inspection can varies significantly.

How Long Does a Property Inspection Take?

Property inspections are designed to disclose defects or issues in the investigated property that could significantly affect its safety, livability or value. They are not meant to disclose aesthetic defects.

The evaluation is presented to the potential buyer in a comprehensive report so buyers are completely and effectively informed of the property’s condition prior to the pre-contract or purchase.

A property inspection should not only outline defects and problematic areas to the potential buyer; it should also highlight the positive aspects and parameters of a property as well.

A property inspection accompanied by a professional report typically takes two to four weeks. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with an inspector from ARENCOS soon after identifying a property in Crete, so you’ll have the report before the pre-contract.

Common Problems Found in a Property Inspection
Problem TypeCost to Repair
Mold€300 – €6,000
Plumbing€180 – €3,600
Electrical system€200 – €25,000
HVAC€200 – €15,000
Window€300 – €600
Flooring€150 – €12,000
Foundation€4,000 – €15,000
Basement€10,000 – €65,000
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