Property Inspection Services

Inspiring confidence in every property buyer or owner.

Property Inspection Services

Our property inspection services provide the expert evaluation and holistic assessment that you need for any residential or commercial property in Crete.

Buying a property abroad is an important decision and a big investment. Thus, discovering any defects before signing any purchase contract is a top priority.
Moreover, a detailed understanding and a bird’s eye view of a property’s condition before you commit to it, gives you what you need to negotiate a fair price with confidence and it also provides you with peace of mind when making your final offer.
We specialize in an array of residential and commercial inspections in Crete to help you make a sound decision about a property’s potential.
Our Property Inspection Services include:
Pre-Purchase Inspection
Hand-Over Inspection
Commercial Property Inspection
Defects Inspection
Structural Inspection

Residential & Commercial Property Assessments

Attic Condition and Home Insulation

Walls, Ceilings, and Floors

Windows and Doors

Structural Components

Basement and Foundation Health

Air Conditioning

Drainage Systems

Roofing Materials and Health

Heating Systems

Electrical Systems

Plumbing Systems


Irrigation Systems

Slabs and Crawl Spaces

A comprehensive inspection followed by a clear narrative report (fees are applied)


Commercial Property Assessments

From retails shops to office buildings and from restaurants to commercial tourism facilities, we perform complete commercial inspections to help you make wise investment decisions before you buy or lease a commercial property.

Specialty Inspections

We also provide specialized services for those requiring deeper inspections such as mold testing, HVAC systems inspection and pool or spa inspection.

If you require any additional types of inspections that are not listed, communicate with us and we can discuss your needs.

When we perform a regular inspection, all of the property’s systems are inspected. However, in some cases, clients don’t need to conduct a full, standard inspection and ask for specific systems or components to be reviewed such as the roof, plumbing, pool, electrical, irrigation, and more.

In those cases, we can take a customized approach to focus on the particular systems specified.

Manage your property in Chania, Crete with ARENCOS
Property Management in Chania, Crete - Photo by Johan Godínez on Unsplash

Successfully measuring the ROI of your investment and discovering a tailor-made property management service in Crete is not a pipe dream.

Meet the team


Maria Gkika

Senior Civil Engineer - Founder & Owner

Stelios Ilias Mpaladakis - Civil Engineer - ARENCOS

Stelios Ilias Mpaladakis

Civil Engineer

Effie Kiriakaki - ARENCOS Architect

Effie Kiriakaki

Senior Architect

Katerina Koukouvitaki -ARENCOS Architect

Katerina Koukouvitaki


Stavros Thomas - Wind Energy Engineer ARENCOS

Stavros Thomas

Senior Wind Energy Engineer

Maria Maridaki - Interior Design & Property Management with ARENCOS

Maria Maridaki

Renovation Design & Property Management

Erasmia Skartsila- Junior Architect at ARENCOS

Erasmia Skartsila

Junior Architect

Gregory Petrakis - Senior Electrical Engineer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Gregory Petrakis

Senior Electrical Engineer

Dimitris Papadakis - Rural & Surveying Engineer - ARENCOS

Dimitris Papadakis

Rural & Surveying Engineer

Aristidis Vittorakis - Senior Civil Engineer (Structural) - ARENCOS

Aristidis Vittorakis

Senior Civil Engineer (Structural)

Ioanna Patteraki - Mechanical Engineer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Ioanna Patteraki

Mechanical Engineer

Nikos Spiridakis - Topographer - ARENCOS Architects and Engineers in Crete

Nikos Spiridakis



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