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Developer strength and income resilience will be the focus as the recession hits the demand.

While there are always numerous challenges involved in embracing sustainable and eco-friendly construction methods or procedures, there are also many constraints in establishing a balance between generating profits while being socially responsible and environmentally conscious.

Environmental Sustainability. 

This pillar involves reducing the carbon footprint of buildings by using more eco-friendly materials and ensuring that all equipment and structures are adequately operated and maintained.

Economic Sustainability. 

This pillar is about making sure residential projects stay within budget, mitigate the operation and maintenance costs and deliver financial benefits for the property owners and occupants.

Total Architecture Sustainability.

This pillar is all about designing and creating spaces that respond to the needs and requirements of the owners, and improve overall quality of life for people using them. This is a part of our Biophilic design approach.

Social Sustainability.

This pillar is all about constructing spaces with a sustainable approach that preserves the identity, local traditions and cultural heritage of an area. This method not only preserves the cultural heritage but also promotes the unique character and history of the local community, yet demonstrates respect for the cultural identity of the area.

The Challenges of Sustainable Residential Constructions

  • net zero operational carbon
  • net zero embodied carbon
  • sustainable water cycle
  • sustainable connectivity and transport
  • sustainable land use and biodiversity
  • good health and wellbeing
  • sustainable communities and social value
  • sustainable life cycle cost.
Sustainable Constructions at ARENCOS.

We have developed our sustainable residential construction approach, from over 25 years of experience, starting from a focus on Biophilic Design and Total Architecture to the more holistic approach we take today. Passive House design principles and considerations are now an integral part of our decision-making.

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