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Dedicated to biophilic design and sustainable development, ARENCOS is a team of engineering and sustainability consultants, architects, computer scientists, and designers, working on exciting projects around Crete, Greece.

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66 Apokoronou Street,
73134, Chania, Crete, Greece.


Explore our LOGIC Ventures.

We’re aware of the lasting and far-reaching impacts of the projects we deliver. So, we set out to highlight and address ripple effects on our designs with an emphasis on passive house principles and sustainable architecture through our Lead Optimum Green Investments & Constructions (LOGIC) Ventures.

This is the future we can create, together.

Every construction project we deliver is an opportunity for us to bring our creativity and critical thinking to solve problems, innovate and work together with our clients and beyond.
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How We
At ARENCOS we view architectural design and construction engineering as a holistic process of exploration and discovery fueled by limitless thinking.
We innovate on a continual basis, following trends and customer needs in the sectors in which we operate. We deliver essential innovations across our businesses— Construction & Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Property Management.