Contemporary Residence Akrotiri, Chania

Akrotiri Area, Chania Crete / 2024

Situated in the heart of Akrotiri, Chania, this modern villa offers an exclusive summer retreat while remaining discreetly nestled in its cosmopolitan surroundings. The expansive plot, adorned with pine trees, provides a captivating panorama of the Aegean Sea, the peninsula of Akrotiri, and the White Mountains.

Designed to create an inviting space for family and friends, the house prioritizes maximizing views, establishing secluded areas for privacy, and embracing outdoor living as its primary purpose.

Comprising four bedrooms and a guest house on the lower level, the ground floor features both internal and external day spaces, while the top floor boasts master bedrooms with a wine/reading mezzanine and a double-height space.

Given the plot’s complexity, its predominant eastern orientation, and privacy concerns due to neighbouring structures, the architectural concept revolves around an elongated structure, making the house as narrow and lengthy as regulations permit.

This strategic orientation towards the East ensures captivating sea views, obstructs views from adjacent buildings, and allows the summer sun to illuminate the pool area and external spaces even in the late afternoon.

The architectural choices, influenced by this concept, include a mix of traditional stone walls and white rendered walls, along with large glazing units to break up the overall volume monotony.

The interlocking volumes create pergolas, verandas, and double-height walls strategically positioned for privacy, cross-ventilation, and volumetric breaks, seamlessly blending into a cohesive design.

Expansive sliding openings extend the interior double-height space and ground floor day spaces seamlessly into the exterior BBQ and swimming pool area, unifying them into a spacious summer day space.

Internally, the glazing units are crafted from solid wood for a serene and warm interior, while externally, a graphite grey finish accentuates the house’s monolithic and contemporary character.

The exterior materiality extends seamlessly into the interior, with the double-height space serving as a focal point throughout the year. The strategically placed openings contribute to the heating and cooling of the spaces based on seasonal requirements.

The property’s landscape predominantly features a natural wild grass area, allowing existing trees to create shaded pockets, ensuring privacy, and enhancing the overall Corfiot and Mediterranean ambience.

In summary, this architectural project exemplifies a harmonious blend of contemporary design within a traditional setting, showcasing how meticulous details can elevate and transform a project into a truly immersive experience.

Interior Architectural Design:
Supervision & Design:
Exterior Architectural Design:
Civil Engineer:
Maria Gkika
Mechanical Equipment:
Various Suppliers
Construction – Contractor:
ARENCOS Partners
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