Construction Management

ARENCOS provides incomparable project and construction management expertise while ensuring all client needs, budget and requirements are efficiently met.
Construction Management Services by Chania Architects & Engineers - ARENCOS
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Building Information Modelling - BIM with ARENCOS Architects

Engineering. Management. Development.

Values are not expressed only in numbers or skills, rather in mutual trust, integrity towards associates, clients, and colleagues, openness to new ideas and a pure awareness of the incorporate principles of ethical performance and consequences of our own decisions.
These values are precisely those that set ARENCOS apart from other firms in Crete, Greece.
Project visibility and progress performance is so much more than a short update via email. More importantly, it plays a crucial role in project success and alignment between property owners, contactors, supervisors and managers. ensures project owners have a clear picture of the project progress, performance, including potential risks, distribution of responsibilities, and the overall project goals. It also enables project managers to uncover potential bottlenecks and other risks that may have a negative impact on project efficiency.
With you can learn:
  • The work that’s been completed
  • Real-time data
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Gantt timelines (real-time progress)
  • Time Tracking
  • Status Reports
  • The summary of the project budget and schedule
  • A list of action items
  • Any issues and risks, and what’s being done about them
Property Management
Real Estate Services for Property Buyers and Investors in Chania, Crete
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Big Data & Analytics
Big Data Analytics Services in Chania, Crete for Real Estate Investors
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A better way to build your vision for ...

Residential Investments
Residential Property Development in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS Architects and Engineers
Hospitality Investments
Commercial Property Development in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS Architects and Engineers
Retail & Mixed Use Investments
Mixed Use Management in Chania, Crete by ARNCOS Consultants
Industrial Investments
Industrial Property Development in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS Architects and Engineers


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