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We are specialists in Building Services Engineering. ARENCOS offers mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering for all types of residential and commercial buildings in Crete according to our client’s specific requirements.

We also work in close collaboration with the off-grid team, ensuring optimal integration of all power generation systems to establish energy efficiency, comfort, and wellbeing no matter the project size or location.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing in Crete by ARENCOS Engineers
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We offer proficiency across the entire construction project life cycle, from license-permitting, technical advice, analysis, modeling, and system design, to commissioning, construction supervision, inspection and management.

Computational Design for the Construction Sector in Chania, Crete

Better. Safer. Resilent. Smarter Constructions.

In a world of ever-changing legislation and compliance procedures, understanding potential environmental, health and safety responsibilities and risks are critically important.

At ARENCOS we can inspect your facilities, and find areas to improve sustainability, increase operational efficiency and mitigate energy consumption costs.

ARENCOS delivers Energy Saving and Upgrading solutions to reduce energy consumption costs and improve the commercial value of any property.
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Energy Upgrading

Whether you require assistance with a specific energy-saving plan for your property or want to discuss the potential of an off-grid project do not hesitate to contact us.

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Meet the team of ARENCOS: Stavros Thomas - Architecture & Engineering Consultants in Chania, Crete, Greece
Talk to Stavros Thomas about this service.

Energy Engineer, Business Digitalization Specialist

Digital Matters & Net-Zero
26 Stratigou Tzanakaki Street, 73134,
Chania, Crete, Greece

ARENCOS Project Management
We provide leadership and hands-on support in designing and developing business plans, growing returns, and achieving operational and performance excellence. We continue to embody that our work is truly profitable when it shapes a better world.

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Residential Property Development in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS Architects and Engineers
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Commercial Property Development in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS Architects and Engineers
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Industrial Property Development in Chania, Crete by ARENCOS Architects and Engineers
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