Operations & Maintenance in Property Management

Operations & Maintenance is all about preserving and improving the values of a property.

We offer to systematically organise and manage all aspects of the property’s operation and maintenance, set up and follow up the property’s management procedures as well as advising in relation to the development, net-zero , energy saving, purchase and sale and residential of properties.

Operations & Maintenance in Property Management in Crete
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Property Management and O&M Services

Maintenance Management

We take overall responsibility for the operational operations of your real estate assets portfolio in Chania, Crete and ensure the operational continuity and the satisfaction of the tenants.

Maintenance management services include property maintenance and regular maintenance tasks, property inspections and renovations, and inclusive management of maintenance while preserving the value of your real estate assets.

ROI Identification and O&M Reporting

We provide an up-to-date data about:

• The best areas in Crete or neighbourhoods in Chania to purchase property.
• Average price per-square meter and average rental yield.
• The pros and cons of apartments vs houses/villas.
• The general process of purchasing property as a foreigner e.g. timeline, fees, taxes, laws, lawyers etc.
• Operation & Maintenance data and strategy.

Energy Efficient Buildings and O&M

We’re here to help you move towards carbon neutrality and energy saving in your property.

We will provide you with a tailor-made energy management service package to reduce your carbon footprint significantly, as well as individual energy reports and reviews, energy saving modeling, and assessments of energy consumption.

Types of Buildings

Frequently, private residential properties in Crete are often successfully managed by owners without the help of outsourced operation and management services. However, many properties and facilities require additional maintenance support.

Properties that require extensive property maintenance include:

  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast Lodges
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Rental Properties
  • Community Living Properties
  • Government Buildings
  • Educational Facilities
Sustainability consulting in Crete, Greece

ARENCOS has a dedicated team of management consultants, architects, surveyors, and computer scientists, all working throughout the lifecycle of a project, from due diligence to delivery and commissioning to operations.

In Crete, we provide custom-made operation and maintenance services to several residential properties, making performance and operational continuity, a reality. With a decade of success, ARENCOS supports clients throughout the entire life cycle of their construction or renovation project.
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Operation & Maintenance Advisory

Our technical skills are powerful. We use them to bring focus to sustainable O&M strategies and prioritize facilities’ operations.

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