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Arrange for a Topographical Survey in Crete,
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Topographic Surveying in Construction Projects

A topographical survey or simply a topo is a precise representation of the area of interest showing all-natural features, elevations and the existing buildings and structures, boundary details and ground surfaces. Specifically, it shows their location, size, height and any changes in elevation.

Additional details can be included such as the structures adjacent to the site.

Unlike many other countries, the accurate land and property boundaries in Greece are usually not clearly and effectively recognized by walls or fences, and therefore unpleasant surprises may await property buyers and purchasers.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you should appoint your topographer or engineer to prepare, design and sign a Topographical Survey for your own peace of mind and to meet the Greek Property Law requirements.

Engaging a professional surveyor to prepare, design a Topographic Survey prior to real estate transaction or the construction project will ensure that the property’s or land’s features will be suitable and in compliance with its intended use.

Moreover, a good topo can provide valuable insight in to how a site’s past or present use affected the property, enabling better project planning and efficient design.

Topographical surveys are very useful when working on land progress projects, and they can help to avoid any complications or difficulties in the process of development. 
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Accessing the TAXIS NET on-line platform

When you get your Tax Identification Number, you should also get a key-number (“kleidarithmos” in Greek) which allows you to sign up and use the online TAXIS NET platform.

By using this unique key-number the first time you visit online the platform, you will be able to set a unique username and a password, which you will then need to access the TAXIS NET in the future, for any given reason.

NOTE: Keep your TAXIS NET username and password safe, as you will need them for almost all tax office procedures.

Through this platform you can:

  • Submit a tax declaration yearly
  • Print a tax clearance certificate
  • Print an AFM certificate

As this platform is only in Greek and quite complex to use, you can ask for help from an accountant or an experienced lawyer.

Topographic Surveys: What you Need to Know

You should take the completed form to a KEP office or a police station in order to get a certification of your signature authenticity.

  • New project construction
  • Renovation works to existing structures
  • Extension projects
  • The total size of the plot and its location – if it is located within or outside the village/city boundaries – and the building regulations which are pre-defined by the Urban Plan, all have a direct effect on the Building Rights of the property which is also related with the ‘construction coefficient’ factor.

What is the Difference Between Building Inside the Village and Building Outside?

Once you have selected a possible purchase site/property, you should take into account ‘construction coefficient’, which depends on the property’s type and location. Generally, in Greece, all areas are divided into 2 categories:

1. Land inside the village boundaries

The coefficient of building such a site legally varies depending on the region of 0.4 to 2.4, and sometimes can be a great way of exception. The exact ratio of each land plot has to be verified by the local authority.

2. Land outside the village boundaries

Building on this site it is possible only if its area is non-divided plot of 4,000 sq.m. Exceptions are apply for areas adjacent to public roads.


On a building plot of 4,000 sq.m. you can built up to 200.00 sq.m. For an area, ranging from 4,000 sq.m. up to 8,000 sq.m. you can built-up to 200.00 sq.m. plus the remaining square meters multiplied by a factor of 0.02.

For an area, that is more than 8,000 sq.m. you can built-up to 280.00 sq.m. plus the remaining square meters multiplied by a factor of 0.01.

The ‘construction coefficient’ for the development of commercial projects such as hotels, villas for rent, retail offices, etc.) is 0.2 for the entire surface area of the land.

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