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Through research, exploration and implementation of innovative techniques, we work closely with you to understand your needs and curate a customized experience from ideation to project completion.
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Our customized solutions cater to your preferences, ensuring each project is a testament to timeless design.

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Let’s create something remarkable together.

Engineering services relating to building construction, management and maintenance have formed a core activity in our operations since our firm was founded in 2012.

We provide our clients a team of highly skilled and experienced construction specialists offering devoted consultancy and engineering services in due-diligence, building design, development, construction management as well as operation and maintenance supervision.

ARENCOS has served as engineering consultant on almost every type – and size – of building project including, residential, commercial and investment constructions. Our commitment to quality and the implementation of a human-centric strategy have led us to exceed expectations, establish repeat business and maximize performance to the benefit of our clients.

Intelligent Operations in Building Construction in Crete

Reinventing Construction Process with Intelligent Operations

By integrating the expertise and experiences of all our qualified builders and hardworking contractors, we deliver constructions that meet or exceed expectations and exude excellence and luxury for the building itself.

We proved a wide range of buildings construction depending on the specifications given. Some of our services include:

  • Building of commercial properties,
  • Building of houses,
  • Construction of industrial facilities,
  • Construction of public/urban facilities,
  • Any other structural work depending on the client’s need.

Chania House Construction: Let’s design a remarkable property in Crete, together.

Chania House Construction - ARENCOS Constructors & Architects in Crete
We listen carefully so that we can turn your vision of a Chania Construction Home service into a reality. Each home should tell a unique story and each residential project requires an individual approach. Yours does too. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We take pride in our ability to provide a systematic approach to all of our projects. Our engineers and architects team are experienced and courteous ensuring the highest quality finish, comfort, and, most importantly, a space that matters.

With a wide, yet dedicated range of services depending on our clients’ requirements and project needs, we look to adapt to each project. Large or small, net-zero or energy sustainable, we treat every project with the same respect as we understand that every person’s home is unique to them.

Intelligent Operations in Building Construction in Crete

Reinventing Chania House Construction Process with Intelligent Operations.

Bespoke residential property constructions have been our speciality since 2004. With vast amounts of experience in the construction sector and strong work and operation ethics, we quickly became one of the leading high-end residential contractors and high-end builders for Chania’s prime property construction and renovation market.

This was not without a reason. We will ensure that your budget, expectations, requirements, and deadlines are always met.

Nothing is ever too much worry for us.

We proved a wide range of buildings construction depending on the specifications given. Some of our services include:

  • Building of commercial properties,
  • Building of houses,
  • Construction of industrial facilities,
  • Construction of public/urban facilities,
  • Any other structural work depending on the client’s need.

Building & Construction






We implement and integrate the most advanced and sophisticated ways to deliver outstanding residential buildings while working in ethical, yet effective collaboration with our clients, consultants, contractors and the suppliers to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Delightful Residential Properties

We can help owners realise their visions and take the design of a residential building beyond efficient – making it truly delightful. We create, design and install efficient, effective and intelligent systems and infrastructure for exceptional ventilation, heating and cooling, lighting and all the other systems a modern residential property needs.

Housing Maintenance

Integrating expertise in operation and maintenance in the housing market of Chania, we design dedicated Property management services that support buildings and create a delightful environment for the people who use them.

Engineering services

ARENCOS is recognized as one of the leading engineering firms in Crete, Greece. With a reputation for innovative value engineering and technical solutions, we’re continuing to focus on structurally effective, energy-efficient, yet resilient designs.

Adopting BIM and Total Architecture for all projects will enable us to deliver stimulating, healthy and comfort residential properties.

Chania House Construction Services by ARENCOS - Designers, Engineers and Constructors in Crete

Chania House Construction Services

Creating Tomorrow Together.

ARENCOS was established in 2004 and is one of the leading privately-owned, design, construction, development and property management services firms in Crete, Greece.

We employ the most talented people in their fields and work with a range of clients and partners from across the public and private sectors to deliver outstanding results.

Bespoke Consultancy. Risk Mitigation. Total Quality Assurance. Low Carbon Footprint. Precise Performance. Integrated Technologies. Lasting Value.

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Project Management & Delivery Excellence (PMDE)
Project Management & Delivery Excellence (PMDE) by ARENCOS

The HANDOVER of your project is followed by our PMDE folder.

Project Management & Delivery Excellence - Constructions in Crete

What is PMDE?

It’s not just an acronym for Project Management & Delivery Excellence in constructions. It is a detailed Peer-Review Report which adapts a materialist post-structuralist view about construction’s identity for the project owner.

Building & Construction Process


Most construction projects move from the Design phase directly to Implementation. A far better practice is first to conduct a systematic Impact analysis of the proposed design and to confirm whether the vision of the client can be implemented successfully without unforeseen consequences.

At ARENCOS, we are supervising every stage of a construction project right from feasibility and planning to execution and completion. We possess a multidisciplinary pool of experts with knowledge and experience in design, engineering and construction processes, all of which are critical to ensure that the project goals are met.


ARENCOS has broad-based knowledge in the fields of geology and the mechanical behaviour of soil such as its shear strength, compressibility and consolidation properties. Engineering geology, along with soil and rock mechanics are the cornerstones of our ground engineering methodologies.

This critical aspect, enables us to appreciate the impact of soil mechanics on geotechnical and foundation engineering design to deliver constructions with the highest degree of structural success.


It is not just the structural importance, constructional behaviour and the visual impact but also the historical value along with the practicality of certain materials that form the essence of the built environment.

Our teams implement an integrated approach to assess the perception of any building material and its role in the construction, its principles, reliability and the techniques of dealing with it for enhancing its properties.


Architectural design optimization (ADO) is an important aspect of our services. We are using a novel and applicable optimization method to study, support, and solve architectural design problems, such as optimal floorplan layout design, extensibility, evolvability, maintainability of materials used, and the like.

At ARENCOS design optimization is used to create objects, performances, and experiences and establish a perfect combination between aesthetic and functionality.


Partner selection is always among the first steps we take in creating an effective and reliable collaboration and deliver a successful project. Our partners have a vast experience in the field of construction management, engineering excellence and architectural design as well as specialized in sustainable design and total architecture.

We are using a knowledge sharing approach, to create projects values, an effective understanding of the project requirements and a collaborative behaviour for a shared purpose.


For ARENCOS, it’s always been a matter of commitment to decode the concept of the project owner into tangible results. To provide a project in compliance with the latest industrial and civil code standards, a continuous monitoring and supervision of the construction site is a mandatory prerequisite.

Moreover, putting in order the required processes and managing all the parameters (labour, materials, workforce, equipment, technologies, time and budget) of a construction project, is vitally important to enrich construction objectives with realistic outcomes and establish long term value for the project itself.

Supervision and Development Design. People. Imagination. Sustainability. Sustainability. Practicality. Comfort.

Lasting Value for your Project

We Re-define Singularity

To successfully complete the construction of a building, a residential property, or a project of special requirements we need to integrate energy saving materials, state-of-the-art construction methods and devoted supervision from the very beginning to the completion.

Construction Management & Advisory Services

Asset management Services in Crete, Greece - ARENCOS Engineers and Consultants
Striving for Something Higher

Asset Management

Asset Management Planning Services in Crete, Greece - ARENCOS Consultants and Engineers
Establishing Excellence

Asset Management Planning

Project Development Advisory Chania, Crete - ARENCOS Engineers & Architects
Lasting Value

Development Advisory

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More art than science, architecture and civil engineering shape the fabric of everything around us. ARENCOS provides the latest trends and news from the industry to facilitate your decision making and get inspired.

We're committed to creating spaces that matter.

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How we Think

At ARENCOS we view architectural design and construction engineering as a holistic process of exploration and discovery fueled by limitless thinking.


Values Commitment

While our business continuously evolves, our core values are remaining constant. They define our way of working and are at the heart of everything we do in the field of architectural and engineering immersive experiences.

  creativity/ innovation/ transparency

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We innovate on a continual basis, following trends and customer needs in the sectors in which we operate. We deliver essential innovations across our businesses— Construction & Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Property Management.