Contemporary House in Kisamos

Chania, Crete, Greece / 2022

Located amid lush, rolling hills sprinkled with olive groves in the outskirts of Kasteli, the property enjoys quite the view towards the Aegean Sea. The residence’s design is heavily influenced by the natural forms, colors, and textures of the Cretan landscape.

ARENCOS has taken advantage of the pristine location and designed a house that marvels in its architectural and landscaping scope. This low-slung building is elegantly modest, managing to keep a low profile despite an expansive total built area of 250 square metres. 

Aesthetically, the house is defined by modern colors and materials, with extensive openings to give unlimited outdoor access. Through the glass corners, one can easily bypass the interior space into the private garden and feel connected to nature.

Featuring planted roof sections, surrounding gardens and an expansive infinity pool, the house is harmoniously integrated into the landscape, wholeheartedly embracing the local nature in modernist discretion.

The living space flows naturally outward onto the ample sized terrace, which features an infinity pool overlooking the Aegean Sea. Here, outdoors and indoors conjoin seamlessly and the ambience feels timeless, as if created by the landscape.

Architectural Design:
Supervision & Construction:
Civil Engineer:
Maria Gkika
Mechanical Equipment:
Various Suppliers
Private (GDPR  requested)
Design Phase