Inspiration & IdeasSustainable + Low Energy Consumption Buildings in Crete

Sustainable + Low Energy Consumption Buildings in Crete

Many may know that sourcing, manufacturing and transporting building materials to the construction site can have a severe impact on the environment, but did you know that the structure can be just as harsh?

ARENCOS - Research for the construction sector in Crete, Greece
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ARENCOS is among Crete’s leading architecture and engineering firms. Our project advisory services support a project through its lifecycle – from front-end planning, project initiation through design and procurement, and throughout the course of construction and closeout.

Our focus is to deliver high quality solutions and design unique constructions. We consider local materials and equipment to be a key property construction aspect of our future projects.

We design and deliver residential and commercial buildings with small CO₂ footprint, yet buildings that are durable, comfortable and above all, healthy for people to live in.

Our collaboration with reputed suppliers and stakeholders is leading the way within architecture and engineering technology. We are able to offer the latest knowledge and solutions that future generations will benefit from.

The construction process is responsible for hefty carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to the earth’s greenhouse effect. In extracting raw materials from the ground, large machinery, specifically those used in the cement industry, emits roughly 5% of all global air pollutants.

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