Simple Sample: An Eco-Friendly Method for Placing Sample Orders

Simple Sample, a newly introduced Australian platform dedicated solely to sourcing sample materials, aims to simplify the entire process for the design and architecture sector.

This cutting-edge online tool has been developed to assist architects and designers in obtaining a diverse range of material samples from top manufacturers, all in one location, in a more effective and environmentally friendly way.

Exclusively designed for architects, interior designers, and design professionals in Australia, this firm enables industry specialists to register and effortlessly request a wide array of  construction samples, ranging from stones and tiles to timber flooring and veneers.

These samples are promptly selected, packed, and dispatched from a centralized warehouse on the same day, eliminating the need for multiple deliveries from different manufacturers.

Simple Sample: Find, discover and quickly receive material samples from the best suppliers, all in one box.
Simple Sample: Find, discover and quickly receive material samples from the best suppliers, all in one box.

Rooted in sustainability, Simple Sample's offerings are driven by the growing trend towards conscientious and environmentally responsible design practices.

One of the main driving forces behind the creation of Simple Sample was a firm dedication to sustainability.The platform aims to make a significant impact by potentially saving up to 80% of packaging materials used in sample deliveries, while also reducing the average number of deliveries by an impressive 75%.

This transition not only benefits users but also encourages suppliers to adopt innovative and environmentally sustainable buildings design and practices.

Could a similar firm be established in Greece to cater to the needs of construction specialists, designers, and architects, despite the challenges of the sector?

Despite the sector’s challenges, the prospects for success of this pioneering firm are significant. With a focus on addressing industry obstacles, this service promises to revolutionize how professionals in the field access and procure materials, paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and excellence in design and construction projects.