Timeless Splendor: Elevate Your Space with Porcelana.

If you’re searching for marble wall tiles in Porcelana, you’ll find a plethora of designs and finishes to suit your taste. Opt for the timeless elegance of Carrara or Calacatta for a sleek look, or embrace a warmer, rustic vibe with tumbled marble tiles in earthy tones.

Enhance natural light with polished tiles, or go for a honed finish for a sophisticated matte surface. For subtle intricacy, consider marble mosaic tiles, available in various shapes like scallop, hexagon, herringbone, and diamond, in a range of shades.

For those drawn to colored marble, explore vibrant options like lush green, deep red, and striking purple veining. For a softer touch, amber, blush, or pale sage green tones offer understated elegance. If you crave even more variety, our marble-effect porcelain tiles mimic the look of marble with remarkable realism, providing an affordable and low-maintenance alternative.

At ARENCOS we can assist you bu providing dedicated materials quality and selection assessment to reach your goals no matter your project size or location.

Each natural stone and artificial surface holds its own distinctive narrative, while every project serves a singular purpose—to inspire those who will inhabit its space.

Naturally exquisite and enduringly classic, marble tiles represent a valuable investment. Our selection of marble tiles offers a diverse array of styles, hues, and dimensions, ranging from expansive slabs to intricate mosaics.

Additionally, we provide pencil edging and elaborate cornices to complement and enhance your tiling project.

Timeless Splendor: Elevate Your Space with Porcelana.
Timeless Splendor: Elevate Your Space with Porcelana.
Porcelana has in-depth knowledge on these enduringly beautiful materials to provide customers with the best possible advice, as well as competitive pricing. They keep their warehouse incredibly well stocked, which means you can usually expect your delivery within a short timeframe. Deliveries are safely and professionally made – either by one of their specialist fleet vehicles or via their trusted partners.